In order to access a Webhero account after its owner's death, you must be legally authorized to do so as an estate administrator, listed as the beneficiary in a will or be the next of kin. You will need to submit a ticket request at with the following information:

1. Death Certificate of the deceased.
2. Name, Address, Email Address and Phone number of the person requesting to take over the account.
3. Photo identification for the requesting party. Government issued photo ID is required. It must be a color copy, scan or digital picture containing the requesting party. Name, signature and expiration date must clearly visible.
4. Legal documentation listing the above person as an authorized administrator of the estate, beneficiary of the deceased, or next of kin
5. If the registrant or account holder is a business please provide a copy of the business ID such as:
  a. Copy of the business license from a state or federal agency.
  b. For U.S. based businesses we can accept an IRS Determination Letter. You can request a copy using this link: