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Modified on Mon, 20 Feb 2023 at 04:09 PM

Here's a typical scenario: Someone sent you an email, it never arrived, you checked your spam folder and verified the spelling of your address, still no email. Or, the same email can be sent to one address but not another. News! Not all spam email is viewable in a spam folder and not all rejected email bounces back to your inbox.

By default all Webhero hosted email accounts are protected against spam abuse by our SpamTitan appliances. If you want more control of your quarantined items, email policies and block or allow lists you can get that by signing up for our SpamShark service. This control is very useful for locating lost emails and creating exceptions to the default spam settings. This level of control over your email is essential to effective management spam management and not offered by many hosts. 

The upgrade is available in the Webhero control panel:

Once the upgrade has been added, we will get your access set up and you will then have full control over your spam management.
Click here for further instructions on SpamShark access

Details on how to signup for SpamShark in the control panel

Once you are logged in; navigate in the left menu to Website then Upgrades and locate the SpamShark option and click on the Upgrade button at the bottom.

Some of the options available in the SpamTitan with the SpamShark upgrade

The Manage Quarantine tools will allow you to search for missing emails, release them to your mailbox and allow mail from selected addresses for future delivery.

You now have the ability to add (or remove) addresses to your Allow List or block repeat offenders using the Block List tool. These tools can be used on specific email addresses or the entire domain level.

You will also have the ability to manage the strictness of the Spam Filtering done by the SpamTitans. The default score is 5; a higher score will block less spam, a lower score blocks more. You can then set how you want to handle emails that are marked as spam. You can quarantine them, pass them through to your inbox but mark them as spam or to reject them entirely

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