You can forward email from one account to another. For example, all email that is sent to '' can be forwarded to ''. You can also forward to email accounts that are not under your domain ('' can be forwarded to '').

Please note that you can only create a forward if the corresponding name does not already exist as an email account. You cannot create a forward for '' if you already have an email account with the name ''. First delete the existing email account (after backing up your messages!), and then create the forward.

Please use the following steps to create an email forward:

1. Log into the WebHero control panel at

2. Click the ""Email"" tab

3. Click ""Forwarding""

4. Enter a username. If you want to forward email for '', enter 'sales' in the username field.

5. Enter the recipient email address. If you want the mail to be forwarded to '', enter ''.

6. Click Submit

All email will now be forwarded as you requested.